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Little Green Ways - Flowers in Paper

When you weight almost any purchase on a scale of “Pleasure / Use” VS “In our environment for 1000’s of years” it can become quite hard to make decisions.

Thankfully you no longer have to weigh that one up with flowers!

I was delighted to find that Morrisons always seem to stock a nice selection of flowers in recyclable paper (breaks down nicely) as opposed to cellophane (lasts thousands of years).

Which look nicer?

I like the natural look of the flowers in the paper bunch so there’s no downside for me in picking these! As you will notice they are also British flowers so not nearly as many air miles to content with either meaning it’s a very green choice all round.

Or perhaps you are ready to go even greener?

Homemade Flower Displays

Table Flowers
Hand Picked Flowers

Was really impressed at the lovely handpicked display round at my aunties house for dinner at Christmas break. All from her little garden in winter time no less! So charming and much nicer than some cellophane wrapped crysathumums.

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