Fed up with feeling angry at the government’s clear reluctance to really put the environment first I thought it was time to channel that anger into something positive and so I created this blog about 2 years ago.  But I felt apathetic and hopeless, and this blog sat unused until three things happened in close succession.

The first thing

The UN report on global warming came out and that shocked me to the core.  I entered a period of almost mourning, I was going about my daily business with a dark cloud of existential threat hanging over me and yet everyone was just getting on with their normal business! It felt completely surreal, did no one else see what the world was heading to? I was hugging my kids tighter and feeling ever so sorry.

Thing two and three

In quick succession after that, I saw this meme and read a viral post about ecobricks.  With the existential threat marinading nicely, these two fated events pulled me out of myself as I realised I had to stop wallowing and get on with everything I could do to save the world or at the very least not add to the problems!

Are you going to be part of the problem? Or part of the solution

So I started my journey with ecobricks, and started my little green ways blog too.

So why start a blog?!

I truly believe that we all need to change on every level but it’s not a black and white thing, we don’t just wake up deciding we’ll live a green life and change everything immediately, the transition is huge and everyone has a different starting point. The very infrastructure around us makes it more difficult too as we’re so conditioned to this lifestyle with convenience.  It takes a cultural shift and new understandings and this is what I want the blog to help with.  To show and normalise new ways of doing things while considering the environmental impact of our choices.

Keeping it positive!

Thinking about the overall scenario is scary too, no one needs more doom and gloom while they try and make positive changes lest they end up an apathetic mess like I was – it was also important to celebrate the good, and empower for change.

I had the skills, I made the time, and I decided that while I set out on my own little green adventure I’d share some stuff along the way.  After all, what was second nature green stuff to me might be news to someone else, and I could learn along the way from other people too.

I was nervous to begin with, how would it be received?  Will people soon be crossing the street to avoid me and my preachy ways?  What if my writings crap? What if everyone already knows the things I’m writing about?!  Well, I needn’t have worried.

6 months on we have 600 page likes, 2 bloggers and a couple more making their debut shortly! Lots of people are contributing and sending me information too and its all very much appreciated!

Fancy yourself as a green blogger too?  Just drop me a note and I will organise that for you, or if you would prefer to just email me a tip then I can share it.

It’s not easy to make big green gestures, but if we are all a little bit more thoughtful about the little things together we can make a difference!  We all know that we need to government need to change but until they realise its a vote-winning / losing issue they will continue to put their self-interest before the planet.

We can’t wait for them, but we CAN show them.