Plastic is one of the most regretted inventions of modern times.

Exactly why no one stopped to question our use of a material that lasts forever for unnecessary applications seems quite baffling with hindsight.

It becoming more and more clear that recycling is not the answer either, if plastic makes it into our recycling streams it is downcycled into a lower form of plastic and eventually landfilled.  So by recycling, we are simply ensuring it ends up as landfill.

Now we know the truth about plastic the best advice is to AVOID wherever possible and reuse as many of the plastic items that you can.

The tide has turned and change is now inevitable

Going plastic free is not easy with our current infrastructure.  Little Green Ways is committed to doing everything that we can to reduce our plastic use and blog about it!  We’re sharing out plastic reduction top tips here and lots more links over on facebook too.

But please please, reduce your plastic responsibly!  The emissions from the making of alternative materials is often higher than that of making plastic.  So where ever possible REUSE instead of buying a green alternative – otherwise you may end up doing more harm than good!

Hope you enjoy!