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Little Green Life Hacks - Mint Tea

I guess you can imagine how happy I was when this arrived at my table the other day… mint tea made from actual mint leaves! Served in a real cup, with a side snack of Fair Trade chocolate with recyclable packaging. Ah bliss! The sweet smell of guilt free tea 🙂

Well, even better this was my friends cup while I was enjoying a fresh beer :-p!

Time to change that habit?

It did make me think of all the things we do because they are a habit. Every day I drink a peppermint tea or two, tea bags from Lidl. The packaging is cardboard, and there’s no plastic in the tea bags… but still! It’s a product that has production and travel costs to the earth, and it’s not organic so insects would have been harmed in the making of that tea.*

Using what you have

All this time I’ve actually had a couple of sad mint plants in a pot in my garden. They are ridiculously easy to keep (trust me, by all rights these should be dead by now). I could harvest and freeze a wad of leaves. Instead of grabbing a tea bag I could grab a few leaves from the freezer, pop them in a cup, add hot water et voila! A fresh and lovely cup of mint tea.

And why stop there?

Homemade Ginger Tea

Ginger is a great product which you can buy plastic free, keeps for ages. Simply cut a couple of slices, put in boiling water and there’s a delicious and fresh cup of ginger tea too.

You can take your fancy plastic teapig bags, or your pukka tea and stuff them… these options are miles better!


Just think…. what other habits do we have which aren’t actually as nice as the green alternative?

Further Reading

*Why we need to care for our insects – what does their demise mean for us?

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