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We all have room to green up our lives – let's do this!

Here at Little Green Ways we get to hear about lots of wonderful people and projects that are doing their best to make the world a better, happier and greener place. But we’re pretty sure we don’t know them all! That’s where you come in…

We want to hear about your “little green superheroes” in Scotland and the rest of the UK – the cafes in your neighbourhood, the refill and swap shops in your city, the places that repair bikes or household goods, the companies that use sustainable materials and sound eco practices.

When we have enough recommendations we’re going to start a Little Green Map that we’ll update regularly, so you’ll always know where to go for green goods and services, wherever you are.

Here are some that I know about (in my local and neighbouring counties), to get you started:

The refill options at Perth Community Farm Shop
  • Perth Community Farm shop – for Bio D and Faith in Nature refills, eco-friendly home and beauty products, veggie and vegan foods, and more. Owner Craig also grows seedlings for the farm here!
  • Sea No Waste – Angus’s first Zero Waste Store, opened in 2018. A friendly, welcoming space to come and have a unique shopping experience: to shop waste-free, where the items you buy will never end up in landfill or the ocean. 
  • Zero Waste Perth – an urban behavioural shift campaign being delivered by a consortium of partners, funded until March 2020 by the European Regional Development Fund and Zero Waste Scotland. A group which has a community hub where people can ask questions, take part in workshops and gather ideas.
  • The Bike Station, Perth – Perth’s bike-recycling and cycling charity. The Bike Station does all it can to use old bikes, get them back on the road, provide facilities for cyclists and generally help support cycling in Perthshire. There are Edinburgh and Dundee branches too!
The Bike Station, Perth

So there are a few examples of organisations who are making a difference to the world in the most positive way. Now tell us yours on our Facebook page (! All we ask is that they’re an organisation, business, charity or other “place” that we can put on a map. Go for it!

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