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Do you ever look at your plastic razor and squirty shaving foam aerosol, and think, “Oh dear. You’re not very eco-friendly.”?

It’s not your fault!

Until recently, the vast majority of shaving options were plastic, non-recyclable or full of chemicals.

But things have changed…

The new way to shave

Step forward safety razors, shaving brushes and shaving soap!

As well as being eco-friendly, these options also hark back to a bygone age, when we took our time over shaving and it was an art form. Only they’ve now been updated to suit a modern audience. Let’s look at a few ideas to shave like a superhero!

Safety razors are becoming much more popular

Safety razors

They’re not as scary as you might think! It’s just a case of mastering a slightly different technique, but once you have, you’ll get a lovely smooth shave. When the blades are finished, you can dispose of the blades just as you would other metal (check with your recycling centre first though!). Some options for sale at the moment include:

Shaving brushes

Old-style shaving brushes are a no-no for most modern shavers, as the bristles were made of animal hair. But shavers can now lather up guilt-free as so many brushes are now vegan-friendly! For example:

Miel Botanicals shaving brush

Shaving soaps

It’s time to ditch that chemical-laden froth for good, and embrace the new generation of shaving soaps! The lather you get from them (use a shaving brush!) is soft and natural, and feels great. There’s so much choice out there, you won’t struggle to find just the right one. Here are some we’ve come across in our search:

  • Wild Sage & Co shaving soap – (also with its own little tin, vegan-friendly, handmade in the Herefordshire countryside).

We hope we’ve inspired you to get on board with the new generation of shaving! It’s much easier than you might think, and your skin will thank you as much as the planet will.

A note from Little Green Ways – we haven’t been paid by any of these companies, nor have we tried all of these products. We search, we get recommendations, we check out product websites, and we give you ideas. We hope you like them!

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