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Let’s talk pits!  It occurred to me a long time ago that there were “other” deodorant choices: I never liked the amount of plastics in roll-ons.  The aluminium content in popular deodorants didn’t sit well – although largely debunked it still doesn’t seem like a great thing to willingly put on our skin once a day. 

I had been bought a Lush deodorant bar a long time ago.  I found it sludgy and awkward, with a strong smell as if you’d just walked into a hippy shop – it just felt like a step too far!  It sat in our bathroom cupboard unloved for a long time before the stench made us bin it.  In hindsight my experience put me off the idea of natural deodorants a little and I didn’t do much further investigation.

One day in my regular supermarket while browsing the products I stumbled across something I hadn’t seen before.  A deodorant called PitRok.  

PitRok Crystal Natural Deodorant Stick is a push up deodorant that works by suppressing bacterial growth – the cause of body odour.  PitRok provides remarkable protection in a natural way:

Does not block pores
No aluminium chlorohydrate or aluminium zirconium
Bacteriostatic action


It seemed strange and interesting, natural but not like a cream. I opened to investigate and it was opaque white, smooth, hard with no scent and no moisture either – literally like a Rock.  At around Ā£6.50 I did think twice but decided this natural offering was worth a shot!

How do you use PitRok?

It does take a little getting used to.  You put it on straight away as you come out of the shower.   Don’t dry your armpits (which feels unusual off the bat) and rub the smooth crystal across your skin which quickly dries.  It was hard to imagine I had achieved anything and so with a faint feeling of suspense I set about my day.   By evening time was delighted to realise that my pits were odour free and dry!

Using Pitrok now feels so natural and normal that I’d imagine spreading anything wet under my armpits would now feel unpleasant.

Over time I’ve built up trust in PitRock.  In fact in ALOT of time!

My PitRock has lasted 3 years and counting šŸ™‚

Well used PitRok deodorant
This lovely deodorant has been keeping me fresh and dry for 3 years and counting!

Pictured here to show you the “wear” in all of that time!  The container may have indeed taken a bit of a tumble or two and broken, but the crystal itself is still in tact and completely useable with what looks like many years of wear left!

Where can I buy PitRok?

Pitrok is readily available in supermarkets and high street chemists making it so accessible. I’ve seen it in Superdrug, Boots, Morrisons and Tesco.  So a very easy little supermarket swap right here!

I heartily recommend PitRok Crystal!

I would just like it to be noted this review is motivated only by my desire to promote good, green products. PitRok is contained in plastic and so not a perfect “green” solution but this one stick lasting so long in the face of the countless deodorant sticks I would have gone through means its a green win for me!   Perhaps when this runs out I’ll start to look for an alternative which doesn’t come in plastic but this green choice is one which keeps on giving ( me smell free pits šŸ˜‰ )

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