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We all have room to green up our lives – let's do this!

Every time we use a search engine we see “sponsored” results whether we want to or not. Basically adverts.  Every time they appear on our screens they create revenue for the company providing the search facility.  Sometimes this can be quite a healthy sum for even just one advert viewed by one person.  That quick check of a recipe or celebrity fact check all generate income! 

Think of the number of things you search for online, multiplied by the web searching population – this is a vast source of income. 

Your searches are valuable.

What do you think (google, bing, yahoo – whatever your search engine of choice may be) are doing with the money you are making? Are you happy to be making these organisations richer? 

If you had the choice instead to direct that profit to something worthwhile what would you choose?

There one search engine on the block that turns your searches into funding for planting trees.  

Ecosia is like any other search engine, with one major difference: they use their profits to plant trees.

It was a couple of years ago that I first starting using Ecosia as my default search engine of choice.  In that time little old me has generated enough income to plant 547 trees!  Wow! 

The more I read about Ecosia the more impressed I am!

  • Open financial reports which you can view online – complete transparency
  • CO2 positive! – their servers run on 100% renewable energies and each tree they plant removes 1kg of co2.  By using them you are literally reducing CO2
  • Worried about security?  They also don’t sell your data and anonymise it all so that you can search in safety.

We plant trees where they’re needed most
Our trees benefit people, the environment and local economies.


Quick green win!

Switch now – it takes two minutes and literally by doing nothing ever again you will be reducing co2. 

Share it with your friends and family and multiply the impact 😀

How can I switch to Ecosia?

Its really very simple. Simply visit the Ecosia  website and it will give you a nice prompt telling you exactly how to use it.

if you are on a smart phone it will prompt you to download the app.  The next time you go to search use that instead of your default.

On a desktop / laptop?  Again, visit the Ecosia website and make it your homepage and default search tool from your search panel too.

Like them on facebook to see the wonderful work they are doing –

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