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I love pets. I mean absolutely adore my little menagerie! (this has to be an excuse to share some lovely animal pictures right?!)

Niggling in the back of my mind is that these little furry delights to add to our families environmental impact. Meat, especially red meat, is the most resource intensive food stuff we could eat and my furry friends scoff it down by the bucket load.

I went veggie a few years back and as a family, we’re eating much less meat on the whole… but what about my lovely little pets?

There are 500,000,000 pet cats / dogs in the world. They account for 20% of meat consumption – this is HUGE!

How do we reduce the environmental impact of our pets?

Well, hold onto your seats, I think I have found an answer! Introducing animal food made out of – INSECTS! Will my animals mind? – I’m guessing not since they already eat spiders, flies, wasps and any other little creatures unlucky enough to enter their domain.

Yora – the worlds most sustainable pet food!

Yora is made from grubs who eat waste vegetable matter. Look at the comparison on greenhouse emissions when compared with other meat sources!

Emissions Grubs vs Meat

That’s not the only thing, the company are clearly constructed with green principles at their core. The grubs are mixed up with a mix of sustainably and locally sourced, doggy friendly vegetables, their packaging is compostable paper (PLA – so needs to go in your council food waste rather than home compost) and they have Zero Waste Refund policy which ticks all my little green boxes!

The food was created using a dietician to ensure that it fulfils our pooches dietary requirements. Pawsome (…groan).

I was so excited to order some to try for my Lurcher – Pixie.

The shipping was included it and it arrived the next day in great packaging, a simple box, biodegradable tape and no extra guff!

It was £13.99 for a 1.5KG bag (or £11.20 if you’ve bought a bigger bag). Quite expensive for that amount of food? Hard to put a price on saving the planet and giving your pooch a healthy diet so I was still up for trying it out.

But did Pixie Like it?

I thought I would film it so that you can see her first try for yourselves! I was a little worried that she wouldn’t quite be ready for her dins as I was feeding her earlier than normal. Here was what happened:

Its a yes from me!

woof (Pixie)

When are you bringing out the cat version?!

Lord Vader

Looks like they ARE in fact bringing out a cat version in the new year – but mine have already had a sneaky taste of Pixie’s and loved it too!

As with all of our product reviews, we’ve not been approached by anyone and are receiving no freebies. We’re simply wanting to increase information about products and companies that we believe are going to help us achieve more little green fixes!

Naomi S

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