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No More Junk Mail
No More Junk Mail
No More Junk Mail for me!

So there I was ripping off the plastic wrapping from some junk mail I hadn’t asked for and I caught myself in action thinking this is just crazy!!! Another little way that unwanted waste and plastic is generated.  I grabbed my phone, and ordered a nice little sticker for my letter box and fingers crossed that’s the end of that! 

A simple purchase from eBay which took just two minutes at most and hopefully no more nonsense through my letterbox, no extra plastic in my ecobrick.  Happy Days!

*EDIT* Not quite happy days!  The naughty post man STILL delivered stuff I didn’t want.  But he’s a lovely guy and I had a chat with him.  I discovered the Royal Mail Preference Service where you can now opt out of mail.  I have now registered with that and hope for more junk free delivery days!

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