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Our local greengrocer Best Fruit Co based in Largs, North Ayrshire have recently started weekly delivery of fruit and veg to Skelmorlie, Largs & Fairlie.  I’ve been getting the veg box weekly delivery for around 5 weeks now and this is what I’ve found. 

I don’t go to the supermarket nearly as much. 

This is a twofold win as how often do you buy things you don’t need in the supermarket anyway?  

No plastic / no compromise!

I’m quite far on my ecobrick journey and avoiding plastic everywhere that I can.  In the supermarket, I’m often restricted to pretty much apples and bananas.  The box delivery provides interesting fruits and berries without the compromise of unneccessary plastic/cellophane. 

Trying new things

The “Surprise” box often comes with little extra sprigs of herbs to try out, perhaps a few random little fruits are thrown in for good measure! It’s a nice way of trying some new things.  This week I have some celeriac…. hmmm… any recipe ideas anyone?!

New things not your bag?

If you prefer to know exactly what you are going to receive they are very accommodating to specific orders too.

Are fruits and veg delivered to your door more expensive?

There is a perception that using your local greengrocer is more expensive than a supermarket shop.  When you take into consideration the saving on fuel, and the reduced likelihood of getting sucked into unwanted purchases, and the increased likelihood of me sticking a soup on when my box arrives  – I would estimate that the fruit and box delivery works out cheaper.

Have a chat!

It’s always worth having a chat with your local supplier to find out exactly what their green policies are, its amazing where a little chat can lead.  I  learned you can take your herb jars into the shop for a refill – which works out much cheaper than buying from the supermarket.

Green Wins

  • Boxes are reused – and you can return for reuse again
  • No plastic
  • Local produce where possible – food with fewer air miles
  • Less travel for us – saving individual supermarket trips
  • Refill service for herbs

Other Advantages

  • Support local economy
  • Often much tastier produce
  • Encouragement to try new veg
  • Convenience
  • Time saving
  • Money saving! (given that each box is different a direct compare is difficult but personally my weekly shop is now less expensive)

Local and interested in ordering a fresh fruit and veg delivery from Best Fruit Co?

Simply place your order on a Wednesday for a lovely delivery of fresh fruit and veg with no plastic (sigh of relief!).  The lovely Stephen & Fiona accept payment by cash, or bank transfer and take orders via facebook or phone. It couldn’t be easier! They also helpfully send a message each Wednesday asking if you want a box this week – perfect for a mum on the run like me!

Info From Best Fruit Co


🏠local delivery on Thursdays🏠

🍏We can make up a surprise box to the value £15, £20 or £30.
🍎You can give us your own order for delivery.
🍐To place an order you can send us a PM or call us at the shop 01475 649687 and we can talk you through our fresh produce of the day. 
🍋 This is the boring bit! Place your order before Wednesday at 4.30pm we will deliver on Thursday. Orders over £10 will be free delivery. Delivery areas will be Largs, Fairlie & Skelmorlie.

🌎No plastic packaging and will be delivered in wooden or cardboard boxs. 
☀️Seasonal produce, freshly & locally sourced as possible.

Find Stephen & Fiona at,
Best Fruit Co,
10 Tron Place,
01475 649687 ( leave a message if there’s no answer)

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